!nspire Digital Solutions™

We partner with healthcare leaders to navigate the shift from transactions to amazing first experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How important is digital marketing? How many people – like our patients – are online and want to connect with us? Can you help us with this aspect of our first patient experiences?

This is an insightful question. Thank you.

In 2017, 1.6 billion individuals purchased goods or services online. Global online transactions are projected to grow from $2.3 trillion to $4.48 trillion by 2020.

Digital marketing is the toolset you need to tap in to this explosive growth. Three of our National Advisory Council members, including Rick, are ELITE members of AWOL Academy, which delivers the most comprehensive digital marketing learning resources on the planet.

For you that means we are skilled in digital marketing and we can help you communicate powerfully and navigate the technology to connect online with your patients and prospects.

2) You’re new company. How can I be confident that you know what you’re doing?

You are exactly right. We ARE a new company. However, we aren’t new to healthcare. We aren’t new to solving these challenges.

The National Advisory Council represents nearly a quarter of a century – 250 years – of combined experience.

Rick has more than three decades of focus and results improving patient experiences as senior executive and consultant; his engagements have resulted in more than $100 million for clients. He has partnered with dozens of healthcare organizations across the country and brings his passion for this work to each engagement.

What that means for you is that you can trust our experience and our ability to get results – in fact, we guarantee results. Ask about our consulting partnership guarantee!

3) Why should we hire Inspire Digital Solutions over one of several established consulting or technology companies?

Thank your for your candor and courage to ask that question. It is important.

The answer is that it depends entirely on your need. We’re not directly competing with several of the companies we could both list – nor they with us.

Several qualified firms provide digital solutions for healthcare marketers. There are some excellent options if you need Web or digital consulting. We’d be happy to make suggestions.

Rather than being focused on Web or technology consulting, we leverage digital marketing resources IN SUPPORT OF redefining first patient experiences.

Our very specific focus is optimizing first patient experiences.

What that means for you: If your focus is delivering incredible first patient experiences, we’re a good fit and a great partner.