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My Story

“We’re eliminating your position.”

What?! After seventeen years as Vice President, Marketing, a corporate acquisition, and subsequent restructuring changed the company's strategic focus. Over a couple of years, numerous leadership positions disappeared, including mine.

Was this really happening? It was surreal. It was painful. I was hurt, frightened, overwhelmed, numb.

This was my external turning point. My internal turning point, my "line in the sand" moment was a month and four days prior, following a corporate Vision Retreat where the redirected Company Vision was revealed. While it was exciting, it was a clear departure from the "sweet spot" of my skill set and it was painfully clear that I was not a key player to enable this Vision moving forward. That was a heart-breaking realization.

On the plane ride home, I texted back and forth with my wife and soul-mate, Marla. We made the difficult and important mutual decision that it was time to realign my career, time to make an intentional change and to energize our future.

Years before, I had made a terrific choice; a career in healthcare marketing with an emphasis on improving patient experiences at the first point contact through healthcare contact or access centers. I've enjoyed my roles as a senior marketing leader for three hospitals and as a consultant for many others across the country.

In my most recent role, I served for seventeen years as Vice President, Marketing for a respected healthcare software leader based in San Diego. It was my honor to champion our contact/access center solutions in industry publications, national conference presentations and innovative consulting engagements.

What to do now?

While I was trying to answer that question, I discovered an innovative solution for layoffs / resizing / downsizing / outsourcing / restructuring. It is an empowering digital marketing solution that enables me to add value to others, to expand my commitment to improving patient experiences, and to leverage my marketing skills. For me, it is refreshing and life-changing.

To be candid, I'm grateful for this change, as difficult as it was. This was an opportunity which was cleverly disguised as adversity. I am grateful for the great things that are happening and am having the time of my life!

Are you ready?

If you are ready to give yourself a fighting chance to succeed on YOUR terms, to earn what YOU are worth, and to have the freedom of a career YOU design, you can make a similar choice. In fact, you can change your future as quickly as you can change your mind. Please consider that. You are in charge. You can make a decision to energize your future.

If you’re ready to take positive, freedom-creating action, please click the link below. It will provide information about an upcoming Webinar that describes this digital marketing opportunity in more detail and provides the opportunity to sign up for coaching.

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I love the piano!

At age five, I sat down at my mom and dad’s tiny spinet and picked out a halting one-note version of my very first song: “Jesus loves me.” My mom heard it and bolted in from the kitchen, “Wow, Rick!” she said. “You’re going to have lessons!” she exclaimed.

Two weeks later, I WAS having lessons! In fact, over the years, I’ve been honored to learn from several musical mentors; Miss Monalaysay with her double master’s degrees, her impeccable classical virtuosity, and her endless patience with me; recording artist Gordon deLeon, for introducing me to exemplary and innovative interpretations of cherished hymns; the late gospel artist Anthony Burger for his encouragement and profound talent; and Dr. Peggy Sue Archer for her encouragement, matchless chord structures, and seemingly limitless musical genius.

I lost my Dad unexpectedly in 2006. I have precious memories of Dad, aggressive and successful businessman that he was, sitting in my living room. “Play something for me” he’d say. Music had the uncanny ability to connect with him far beneath the surface. While playing one of his favorites, I’d look over and see a tear in his eye. It made me love him all the more.

Just a year before a sudden heart attack took him to be with the Lord, he told me that he had finally discovered and accepted God’s gift of grace. I am grateful for God’s incredible timing. Awesome.

I established PIANOLatte to honor Dad’s memory. Every PIANOLatte CD features one of Dad’s favorites as a “Tribute to Dad” arrangement. The mission of PIANOLatte is to transition listeners to worship. For more information and to order PIANOLatte CDs, please CLICK the link: ! MUSIC TO NOURISH THE SOUL