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Patient Experience One (PX1): Results that matter to you.™


PX1 Act!vate consulting partnership

Celebrate Redefined First Patient Experiences
…with results that matter to you

PX1 Act!vate consulting partnership

Results that Matter to You

There are currently 1.2 billion healthcare visits in the United States per year; there are 12 million in the healthcare workforce. That equates to approximately 4 patient visits for each person per year. (Healthcare Experience Foundation, 2017)

During those 4 patient visits for every person every year, there are countless individual moments of care. Each is an opportunity to build trust, confidence and preference ─ beginning at the first touchpoint of care which is frequently the healthcare contact center.

When experiencing your healthcare delivery, stakeholders move from Fear to Distrust to Safety to Trust to Advocacy.

Where is each of your stakeholders now?

How can you earn trust with each key stakeholder group? How can they become your advocates?
How can you distinguish and separate the first experiences you deliver from all others?
How can you make YOUR first patient experiences positively unforgettable?

PX1 Act!vate consulting partnership

  • Radical listening in-person and on-site to your associates (team members), your providers, your callers, your patients
  • Deep Insights Report
  • Your Unique PX1 Differentiator
  • Your PX1 Metrics Template
  • Action Plan Roadmap with your team

PX1 Act!vate
consulting partnership

  • Practice unshakeable integrity: earn trust
  • LISTEN deeply: seek to fully understand
  • Deliver knowledge, skills, experience: vital few priorities
  • Deploy digital marketing: PX1 online, phone, in-person
  • Mult!ply outcomes: equip teams
  • Laser focus on your key outcome metric: re$ults

What is the value of unique first patient experience differentiation, delighted patients who publish kudos across social media, catapulted satisfaction scores, and expanded revenue?

$1 million | year? … $10 million? … more?
What is the multiplied value across your health system?
What is the multiplied value for 5 years… 10 years?

PX1 Act!vate
consulting partnership
The 110% Guarantee

Our passion: Results that matter to you.

  • We establish one mutually defined vital metric that catapults the contact center’s standing as a priority across the enterprise
  • Examples:
    • First call satisfaction scores | PX satisfaction scores
    • Increased downstream net revenue initiated from the contact center
  • We’ll partner with you to achieve 110% of that metric within 12 months or less OR you’ll receive continued consulting support until that metric is achieved or mutually modified

PX1 Act!vate
consulting partnership
Introductory pricing through May 31st, 2018

PX1 Act!vate
consulting partnership
No-cost 30 minute consult!

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Our passion: Results that matter to you.

Music to Nourish the Journey


  • We eradiate eliminate the challenge of purchasing music that some would identify as noise without meaning and replace it with renewing, inspirational music to nourish the soul.
  • We free clients from the dissappointment disappointment of music they purchased in the past that just didn’t minister to them — from the frustration of buying music that looks good on the cover but doesn’t deliver encouragement and uplift. Instead, we provide advance samples of music designed to warm hearts and encourage spirits.
  • We enable our clients to escape the challenge of music that is too loud, or too modern, or too distant from the meaningful, uplifting melodies that connect with memories and brought strength and encouragement through the years.