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Career Freedom Solution

Free yourself from the corporate grind, shatter the ceiling on what you earn


Our heroes are individuals who replace fear with bone-deep confidence.

Problems we solve:

  • If you feel trapped by overwhelming 9-to-5 job responsibilities, break free to a more rewarding life of personal freedom and financial abundance.
  • We empower managers and leaders to escape the corporate grind, traffic-laden commutes, escalating demands, and corporate restructuring you can’t control — and replace them with personal freedom, “30 second” commutes, the ability to determine your own schedule and get paid what you’re really worth.
  • We break spirals of frustration if your exasperation at work has overflowed into your home life where relationships with spouses and kids are challenged.
  • Perhaps a raise was denied, a promotion was missed, or an unexpected layoff, downsizing or restructuring threatens the family’s well being.
  • We restore confidence where perhaps confidence in your talents and abilities is threatened or lost — obscuring the view of the vibrant, articulate and successful person you are. We encourage your confidence in a career designed by you!

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Trust-based Patient Experience Solution Newsletters

Trust-based referrals and virtual visits that avoid “referral roulette”


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Music to Nourish the Soul Solution

Melodies you’ll cherish to encourage your heart and lift your spirit


Our heroes nourish their souls with heartwarming music.

Problems we solve:

  • We eradiate eliminate the challenge of purchasing music that some would identify as noise without meaning and replace it with renewing, inspirational music to nourish the soul.
  • We free clients from the dissappointment disappointment of music they purchased in the past that just didn’t minister to them — from the frustration of buying music that looks good on the cover but doesn’t deliver encouragement and uplift. Instead, we provide advance samples of music designed to warm hearts and encourage spirits.
  • We enable our clients to escape the challenge of music that is too loud, or too modern, or too distant from the meaningful, uplifting melodies that connect with memories and brought strength and encouragement through the years.
  • If you feel like selecting gospel music is a lot like playing “russion Russian roulette”, !nspire delivers music that gets you. It is always uplifting, always encouraging always nurturing.

For more information and the opportunity to order PIANOLatte Cds, please CLICK the link: ! MUSIC TO NOURISH THE SOUL